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From darkness to light, and back again

ourladyoffatima1 copyDo we really need to separate out dark and light, yin and yang, good and evil?

Aren’t we all a combination of both energies?

I was working with a client last night who is coming out of what she describes as a dark hole, I
get it I told her. I’ve been there, and back, and there, and back.

Not that it has to be a deep dark hole, but there are levels to our own energy states.
All is being held in clarity light or peace or may be held as darkness or imbalance or disease or
mental and emotional pain.

There are also levels to our light….The higher mind, the places inside of us that feel spacious,
areas that feel whole, times when we just feel aligned.

Both of these states are a part of the WHOLE of who you are.

I’m incredibly grateful to witness, see, and allow all of those places to come out of hiding, and
then offer settings where the light can be experienced, ultimately a known state to come home

This is a messy world, whether it be the political climate, our own past or karma, our
relationships, our day to day grind. There is so much as a human we take on, take in, and get
to learn from.

It’s the light, that shines no matter if we see it or not, feel it or not, recognize it or not, that is truly
always there.

No matter what our condition is, the light will prevail, I wrote once I have faith in the human

We are strong and have more inner power than we may be aware of.

We keep coming back to find our light over and over and over again.

The SVH work I am doing is a pretty radical process to clear away cobwebs, known or
unknown, that interfere with your own light.

I’ve been having great success with my clients since I began. For some reason the protocols
really dive in and clean up the mental, emotional, and physical drama trauma that keeps lurking
around even after you’ve done work to relieve it.

My hope is for you to have a healthy and prosperous 2017!

That the LIGHT of YOU ring loud and true, and your presence be ENOUGH, giving you a strong
sense of Love, Joy, and Contentment.

Take care,
until our paths cross!
Lisa Marie

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