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Have you ever seen a man sweep?

There’s something about a man sweeping…

Have you ever seen a man sweep? I’ve noticed with the last few times I have been walking down the sidewalk what men do when they sweep.

Seriously, witness it and tell me if you think I’m off here.

When men sweep they go all out. They put their face down, they have their eyes glued to the cement, they sweep with pure intention and connection.

It’s so like wow, I like you just by the way you sweep!!!(lol)

I don’t think that I naturally sweep that way. Now I do other things like that, teaching, talking with clients, and being with family or friends, but sweeping isn’t one of them!!!

The attention, to sweeping is what’s got me here. It’s the I am one with the broom and the ground and anything that is getting in between that I have no interest in that has mesmorized me while watching a man sweep!

I had this A HA moment the other day. I was like A HA, life is not anything between the lines, there’s no hidden messages, it just is as it is as it appears as it shows up. It’s the man, a broom, and the swift action of going back and forth while sweeping. What gets in between that is the mind making cra cra, that’s text for crazy. Yes all of that came to me while watching a man sweep.

It’s all right here in each moment, the breath, or a quick swift of the broom!

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, be one, be at peace, sweep some more, don’t look around for any hidden messages, stay connected, just be, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep some more, be and LET GO!

Sending this to you in an effort to keep the planet clean through our daily acts of connection. I hope this finds you well and that our paths cross again sooner than later.

May you enjoy this day, Namaste

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