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“I didn’t get it cuz I didn’t F….ing ask for it!”

So I’m walking down the street in SF. A usual day, homeless people wander around so regularly it’s part of life here. I have a few of them that I see regularly, they kind of feel like friends.

So there were two homeless people walking way across the street from me, and they were having a heated discussion.

One was yelling to his friend…………”WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’t GET IT?’ The other one ranting back…..” I DIDN”T GET IT CUZ I DIDN”T ASK..”
The other says……..”YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T ASK FOR IT?”

The other says…..this time SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF…

AHHHHHHH Screaming He’s going ballistic now.

I’m just like all ears listening to them. Dumbfounded, and enlightened at the same time I was pretty blown away.

Even the homeless man pushing his shopping cart with his only belongings has the deep sense to know the basic spiritual law…”ask and ye shall receive.”

We get what we ask for. I’m realizing how often I ask for not directly but indirectly for things that I don’t want in my existence. Simply because my mind focuses on the past or a way in which I feel lack. I get that these patterns and thoughts create more of what is not wanted. It’s like an old record going round and round that turns into a reality.

The beautiful homeless man had the deep sense to know how frustrated he was because he just forgot to ask for what he wanted.

The clearer I get with my awareness and my own thought patterns, the quicker I can shoo those nasty little thoughts that are not serving me and ask for what is in the highest good for my journey.

What’s good for one is good for the whole. During this season I am reminded by two homeless men to ask for the good of all, in a way that brings not only more food and shelter to those who have none, but joy, laughter, love, and a bright light to shine within so that all beings can benefit from it.

Merry Christmas

May you get what you ask for
have the clarity to know what to ask for
and send the love and joy of the gifts forward. Enjoy 2014!

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by Chynna , post on 31 March 2017 | Reply

This is just the percfet answer for all of us

by Sildenafil , post on 9 May 2017 | Reply

Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!