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Like a Rose

Last night,while teaching I was using an essential oil that was pure Rose Oil. I caught myself, in my words, saying, “Rose is the highest vibrational plant energy there is.”

Now I had heard that before, so I wasn’t making it up, but as I was saying it I had to use my awareness, and ask myself while listening is that true?

I found out…..

Like a Rose, we too are vibrating so much at once. Whether it be thought vibration, love and openness, joy, or a mixture of all of that, which is probably more accurate!

I love love love teaching Yoga to you all cuz it is the alchemy to creating pure vibration, like a Rose!

Thank you all, for being a part of the whole, a petal to the flower, if you will. And your continued comittment to joining me in class time or private time.

I’m sending the essence, or thought, of Rose to you!

May you live like a flower, in harmony with the elements. Namaste,


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