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My Home Living Altar…Bringing in Gratitude Each & Every Day!

Did you have time to make a personal altar?

I’m writing to you to talk about the importance of choosing high vibrational altar pieces that support your personal intentions.

As we use our altars for raising our consciousness, it’s important we pick altar pieces that resonate the vibrations that we choose to call into our lives.

Vibration and Energy is always speaking to us, conscious or unconscious. Through our meditation we become more aware of the energy within and surrounding us.

Let’s say you want to meditate and call in Peace of Mind…

You would want something on your altar that offers you serenity, whether it be a stone, a plant, an aroma, or a word phrase (Mantra) that chants peace or Aum.

Choosing pieces that are personal to what it is you are consciously choosing to align with is key when creating a personal altar.

Try This:

Write down 5 things you want to align with…

Go out and find in your home, or environment, an item for each of those 5 things.

Place them on your altar in a way that is pleasing to your senses.

Let me know how it goes, ok?

Lisa Marie

Stay tuned for more reasons and tips on why having a personal altar can be a mind altering experience!




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