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Lisa Marie, ERYT, Reiki Master, CST

I was born into a very conservative traditional middle class family. My childhood was average with “good traditional parents” yet there was a disconnect in my overall experience. I didn’t know it until I began to study and practice Yoga, but I was born in as a highly intuitive being. Today that is known as an HSP. Although I can say that now I experience that as a gift, it was a very confusing and challenging way to spend the first half of my life.

Good Girl does the white picket fence thing

I stayed true to my traditional upbringing in that I did well in school, graduated with a B.A. from Cal Poly University and went on to complete a multiple subject teaching credential. I taught elementary school for 9 years. I married and have 2 children.

Good girl wants more…goes balls out

After having my second, lovely child, (I love being a mom more than anything) I took my Yoga practice to the next level and finished 200 hour certification.I left the traditional way of earning a living as a school teacher and went balls out into the unknown often scary place of being an entrepreneur. I established my own Yoga and Healing Arts business.

Conditioning fights back

From there my conditioning kicked in pretty hard! My parents are hard-working entrepreneurs, watching them as I grew up sent strong messages about working yourself to death to be successful. I opened and ran a profitable Yoga Studio in Arroyo Grande for 7 years, studied and learned in depth, all styles of Yoga, Reiki, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Thai Massage, Yoga Therapy, and a handful of other healing modalitites. I had large classes and a very dedicated clientelle and student base. To say the least I wore many hats at the Yoga Center. I was operating, managing, teaching, and creating new workshops and classes. I was also a full time single mom.

I maintained a passion and zest for life, enjoyed all aspects of parenting. I participated in my kids sports, schools, and social lives. I also took a continuous flow of professional trainings to support having more skills in the healing arts profession and created and taught many one of a kind workshops, classes, as well as maintained a strong private practice . Up until my late 40’s I didn’t know when to say no, rest, or how to Just let life be. I pushed, I was driven and desparate to prove myself as Successful (as defined by traditional conditioning.). Being and allowing were not my reality.

As all things do change, over time with insight meditation, support from other women in my field, and the willingness to change and LET GO, I began a different dance. A dance that has morphed into my services, my healing sessions, and my own life. I invite you, if you are so called to work with me. I love sharing my wisdom, gifts, and sincere support to all who are interested and ready.

If you’re ready to start living a life deeply connected to yourself and others…a life that is guided by your intuition and inner knowing…a life of ease, peace, trust and contentment…then we may be a fit.

It is my passion, joy and purpose to walk the path to the heart with others who are called to do the same.

What’s next?

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