Vibration vs. Essence

Did you find time to gather a few altar pieces that called to you? If so you were drawn to their essence.

es·sence: Essence can be defined as the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features.

And if you sat with these pieces or found time in nature, did it raise your vibration?

vi·bra·tion: Spiritual vibration can be defined as everything in this world, both visible and invisible, constantly vibrates.

So, what’s all the hype about with vibration and essence?
Well, we know in these times we live in that wherever we go or when we turn

Sacred Altars & Yellow Yarrow Flowers

Some of you wrote back and said, “Hey, I like this information on sacred altars!” Which made me think, perhaps there was an Altered Awareness of your personal altar!

And, some of you wrote back reminding me that I misspelled one “alter”, which was, a good reminder to be more aware. Thank you!

I want to know:

What did you put on your ALTAR this week?

Did it raise your vibration?

What energy qualities were you drawn to?

Did you notice what affect that had on you? If any?

I was driving home from New Mexico this past month.

My Home Living Altar…Bringing in Gratitude Each & Every Day!

Did you have time to make a personal altar?

I’m writing to you to talk about the importance of choosing high vibrational altar pieces that support your personal intentions.

As we use our altars for raising our consciousness, it’s important we pick altar pieces that resonate the vibrations that we choose to call into our lives.

Vibration and Energy is always speaking to us, conscious or unconscious. Through our meditation we become more aware of the energy within and surrounding us.

Let’s say you want to meditate and call in Peace of Mind…

You would want something on your altar that offers you serenity, whether


From darkness to light, and back again

Do we really need to separate out dark and light, yin and yang, good and evil?

Aren’t we all a combination of both energies?

I was working with a client last night who is coming out of what she describes as a dark hole, I
get it I told her. I’ve been there, and back, and there, and back.

Not that it has to be a deep dark hole, but there are levels to our own energy states.
All is being held in clarity light or peace or may be held as darkness or imbalance or disease or
mental and emotional pain.

There are also levels to

Happy New Year

Here are my wishes for you:

I sincerely send these wishes for you through this new year!

I wish for you to be healthy and well

I wish for your family to be healthy and for you to feel close to your loved ones

I wish for joy and peace to be a part your daily life

I wish that you fulfill your deepest longing or desires

I wish that you are kind towards yourself and others

I wish that your life has purpose and feels meaningful

I wish that you do not lack or want

I wish that you engage in fun and laughter often

I wish that you

Like a Rose

Last night,while teaching I was using an essential oil that was pure Rose Oil. I caught myself, in my words, saying, “Rose is the highest vibrational plant energy there is.”

Now I had heard that before, so I wasn’t making it up, but as I was saying it I had to use my awareness, and ask myself while listening is that true?

I found out…..

Like a Rose, we too are vibrating so much at once. Whether it be thought vibration, love and openness, joy, or a mixture of all of that, which is probably more accurate!

I love love love teaching Yoga to

Have you ever seen a man sweep?

There’s something about a man sweeping…

Have you ever seen a man sweep? I’ve noticed with the last few times I have been walking down the sidewalk what men do when they sweep.

Seriously, witness it and tell me if you think I’m off here.

When men sweep they go all out. They put their face down, they have their eyes glued to the cement, they sweep with pure intention and connection.

It’s so like wow, I like you just by the way you sweep!!!(lol)

I don’t think that I naturally sweep that way. Now I do other things like that, teaching, talking with clients,

“I didn’t get it cuz I didn’t F….ing ask for it!”

So I’m walking down the street in SF. A usual day, homeless people wander around so regularly it’s part of life here. I have a few of them that I see regularly, they kind of feel like friends.

So there were two homeless people walking way across the street from me, and they were having a heated discussion.

One was yelling to his friend…………”WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’t GET IT?’ The other one ranting back…..” I DIDN”T GET IT CUZ I DIDN”T ASK..”
The other says……..”YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T ASK FOR IT?”

The other says…..this time SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF…


Save Pluto and Pay it Forward

Have you or anyone you know ever known bought a bumper sticker and put it on your bumper with the feeling that it didn’t quite fit?

Bumper stickers are super personal.

I know I’m supposed to like and want bumper stickers that say namaste, which I actually have one, or AUM. Those like go with what I do, but if I’m going to be 100 percent honest with you there are only two bumper stickers I really have ever wanted.


When I first saw the bumper sticker save pluto my heart melted. It was like the feeling of

All Inclusive Mt. Madonna Retreat Cost

Thanks for your interest in the women’s winter retreat.

The retreat center is lovely. Here is the link.

You can make your deposit of $75.00 to guarantee your space. Either check or credit card is fine.

The cost below is all inclusive, Yoga, Lodging, and Meals.

Please know, that you can break any of the payments into 3. As long as the full amount is paid in by Jan. 10th.

Dorm   $398
Triple  $414
Double  $442
Single  $499
Single w/bath $554

Any cancellations will be refunded as long as you give 2 weeks notice. Thereafter you can get a refund if we can replace your space.