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8 weeks to freedom
Online Study Course
Integrating Yoga as an 8fold Path
Into your daily life

Is being calm, centered, and purposeful important to you?

How would you feel if you could integrate the practice of Yoga in all aspects of your life?

Would you like to receive the tools needed to have daily clarity, purpose, & awareness?

If yes, study on line with me!
Begin Now:

Each week you receive:
Lessons via email that support you in getting to the root of that in which may be holding you back.
Weekly Writing and awareness prompts.

In between lessons we communicate via email to keep you moving through any samskaras, (stuck patterns).
This personal guidance time will help you to further clear any pieces that may be in the way to your Mental, Emotional, and Physical.
BONUS: 30 Minute Private Phone Session to bring more clarity and further you along on your spiritual path.
8 weeks to Freedom: Weekly Lessons:

1.Yama Owning & Clarifying Your Personal Truths, get clear about your own values so you external world can align with your internal.

2.Niyama Creating Personalized Ritual for self awareness.

3 Asana: Finding your Right Alignment for your soul’s purpose.

4 Pranayama: Learn to work with Subtle Energy throughout the day, clear and purify tools as you go to maintain ease and peace.

5 Pratyahara: Withdrawal senses to understand the bigger picture learn about where you get caught and how you can let go.

6 Dharana: Staying on your path. Tools to manifest the state of being that brings you into joy and love.

7 Dhyana: Where is the bliss? How to access bliss, understand what gets in the way and how to maintain it.

8 Samadhi: Connecting to the whole (the big picture) Atman.