PremaYoga 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Programs

Peaceful Point, Arroyo Grande

Peaceful Point, Arroyo Grande

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Each Module includes an integration of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation, Asana Theory, Hands On, and Philosophy.

Each Module also includes a theme which addresses specific topics. Master Guest Teachers are included in specific modules. See below to find out about our amazing support staff.

Module 1: March 16-20, 2018
The Practical Foundations Of Teaching Yoga
Master Guest Teacher Erika Eddy Yoga Nidra and Kirtan
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Module 2: April 13-16, 2018
The Spiritual Aspects Of Teaching Yoga
Master Guest Teacher Brooke West Therapeutic Yoga
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Module 3: May 4-7, 2018
Healing The Body Healing The Heart
Master Guest Teacher Constance Hart Chakra Yoga
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Module 4: June 8-11, 2018
Embody And Embrace Your Authenticity As A Teacher

Module 5: July 13-16, 2018
Integrating The Many Techniques Of Teaching
Master Guest Teacher Holly Padove Ayurveda and Marketing
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Module 6: Aug 17-20, 2018
Embracing The 8fold Path

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Registration: $495
Pre-pay $2719.00

6 monthly payment option $2895.00
Registration: deducted off full tuition

Here’s what graduates are saying:

“This training gave me a lot of personal growth much more than I had ever anticipated. Words can not describe how this training has touched my life.

Since the training began my heart has opened even more than ever and I have felt such happiness love and gratitude as I learned and grew with the community of strong women.

Through the training I have opened to the universe and it has given me a deep connection through mind, body, and spirit.

Lisa has amazing gifts, she is a master in her delivery. She delivered each lesson, practices and meditation with love. She was always available. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”

- Lydia Morrow, Elementary School Teacher

“I am so impressed with the group of the new Yoga teachers who just graduated from the Prema Yoga School!   These new teachers are strong, knowledgeable and ready to go out into the world to share their love of Yoga.  Lisa Marie has brilliantly led them to this place of confidence by teaching them the tools needed to establish their unique brand.  Lisa has this incredible talent to find the hidden gift that resides in each teacher and helps them develop this gift into a self-reliance teacher that can lead and teach without hesitation.”

- Vicki Forman E-RYT500,  Owner Yoga4Mankind Studio

 “Lisa’s  training was  extremely high on all levels. Her perceptions and feedback are excellent and she has a very professional approach as well.” 

- Paula, Entrepreneur

“Lisa’s teaching was rich, well rounded, and very supportive. I recommend this training to anyone.”

- Sunday Benedicto, Non Profit Manager

“I had been thinking of entering into Yoga teacher training for about 6 months when I met Lisa and learned about her program.  I was in a very chaotic and stressful period of my life – so why not do one more thing, right?!  Interestingly, the additional challenge of completing the training brought balance to my life.  I no longer felt burdened by the “daily grind” and found that I was now equipped to handle stress in a much healthier way.  I learned so much about the practice of yoga – more than just poses – and about myself as well.  I agree with Jenya that this training is a life-altering undertaking, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in self-exploration and serenity.  Additionally, the people I met while I was in training were so inspirational, so loving and beautiful and kind – the sort of people who make you feel truly honored and privileged to be alive and sharing the same space as them.”

- Kristin Montano, Engineer

“I decided to take yoga teacher training because I thought it would be cool to get paid to work out! Seriously! BUT Prema Yoga teacher training literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I was experiencing bouts of depression and I felt disconnected from the reality of love and support that was all around me. Now, I live in gratitude, of each moment, every day! I am filled with joy and my life has opened up in so many ways! Whether it is your intention to teach yoga or you would simply like to deepen your practice, teacher training is an incredible opportunity to find your tribe, unleash your unique gifts, release holding patterns in the mind and body, and awaken to a life of energy, abundance, and peace. In teacher training you will learn and practice teaching:The history of yoga, including important historical texts ,Sequencing ,Anatomy of the the yoga postures ,Pranayama techniques ,Mantra and Mudra, Ayurvedic principles, Hands-on adjustmentsThe business of yoga, and more!!!”

- Jenya Hubbard, Junior High School Teacher, Poet

I’m a student of Premalisa’s and I participated and completed her 2014 Prema Yoga teacher training.This was truly a life changing set of courses for me. When I first enrolled, I viewed yoga as a workout and a workout only.  If I didn’t leave class in a sweaty stupor, I didn’t feel like I got anything out of it. The very first night of training with Prema opened my eyes and I realized that not only was I on a path to become a yoga teacher, but I was on a path of self discovery and healing.  As the training unfolded, I too began to unfold in all areas of my life and nothing but positivity manifested for me. I think I can comfortably say that this was the case for all of us students throughout the training.

The training itself is a beautiful blend of asana, mantra, mudra and meditation. We moved together, sang together. Laughed and cried together. We became a sisterhood and looked forward to every circle within every module. Prema is amazing at creating ease during the teachings. We learned about the different foundational asana practices, anatomy and lines of energy, how to teach and guide beginning students as well as seasoned yogis. We learned the basic principles of Aryuveda and ate a couple different aryuvedic meals. 

I think all the students from the training are currently teaching either in studios or with private clients which is pretty amazing!  Prema always made herself available outside of the training and continues to support us in anyway she can. I feel very blessed to be able to assist and learn from her.

This was kind of a broad overview but I hope it helps give you a little insight. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the training.  Namaste!

- Sarah McIntire, Mother of 3, Reiki Practitioner

Lisa conducts an extremely holistic training program integrating the asanas, meditation, pranayama, and the rest of the 8-fold path. So much better than all of those schools teaching only alignment and nothing else. It was a truly fulfilling experience attending her training.

- Mark Belrose, Military Intelligence & Yoga Instructor


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