Private Internship/Mentorship

Prema works privately with students or private practitioners to support them in the following ways:
*clarifying your life’s purpose
*Manifesting your intentions
*Moving through uncertainty and gaining confidence and clarity
*find your niche
*opening up to yourown personal gifts and using them in the world
*building your own alternative healing businesses or practice
*Deepening your spirituality and remove blocks
*fine tuning your personal work in order to have an abundant experience
*become a teacher and build classes, workshops, and retreats
*take your life to the next level
The internship/mentor modules are in
6, 8, or 12 week segments.
To Apply contact her:
Individualized assessment to support you in maximizing your life’s purpose or personal journey is the focus of this module. This module is particularly helpful for those who are making a career shift, going through a relationship breakup or beginning a relationship, or wanting to clarify and define life purpose. It can also be useful to train the mind in Manifesting and Receiving.  A holistic approach to living your life to its fullest, clarifying your life’s intentions, maximizing your talents and gifts, and then manifesting based on that alignment. Energy Healing is used to release any blocks that may be keeping you from your highest potential. A spiritual approach to enhancing your life is the framework for this module.

Lisa Jansen has been a clear and comforting light in my life for the past 6 years.  With her healing touch, I have resolved ovarian cysts, migraines, and hormonal issues.  In her classes, I have always found space to listen more deeply and feel the intuitive, organic movement in my body that I have yet to find with another teacher.  And now, as a colleague and assistant in her retreats, I have such appreciation for her constant commitment to learning and applying ancient teachings in ways that connect to her modern-day students.  I refer many of my cranio clients to her yin-ergetics classes, as they are the perfect compliment during times of recovery and needed reflection.

Caitlyn Lyon – RYT, Certified Cranio Sacral Therapist


Ignite Your Personal Entrepreneurship. Let your journey begin by working through the Prema’s One on One Mentorship. 30 hour internship working one on one with Prema combining classroom, skype, phone, and retreat setting.

You receive
Personalized plan, marketing strategy, communication and business tips to get started attracting your right clients and students. One on One mentoring creating  your own class, workshop. private session.

Side by side instruction in teaching and your private settings.

Insight work to unravel your authentic voice, style, niche.

Learn, be, open, and receive that in which you are dreaming of! The one on one time can take the opportunity and turn it into a reality!

Contact Lisa to find out if this is right for you.

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Lisa Marie / Prema / ERYT, CST