Hi my name is Lisa Marie, I have 20 years experience integrating non traditional healing with clients of all ages and needs. I blend my Master Reiki with Biodynamic Cranial, and Serenity Vibrational Healing.

The combination of the modalities I work with address both body and mind.

I would be honored to guide you within, to tap into the healer that is already there, and to support you in becoming the best version of you!

In person, phone or Skype:

Email me to receive a 20 minute consult to see if this is right for you.


Serenity VIbrational Healing

phone sessions available
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“I have found Lisa to be right on with her guidance. Her ability to tap into spirit is beautiful as the wisdom flows from her both verbally and energetically. She helped me immensely with one of my furry friends. I had spoken with two animal communicators before and found Lisa’s guidance to be much more powerful, leaving me with a great sense of peace. Lisa and SVH are a magnificent gift.”

Private Healing Sessions

All session are an integration of my trainings. Including Embodied Awareness.

Biodynamic Cranio:

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“I met Lisa about 4 years ago when a friend suggested trying cranial sacral treatments for my TMJ. The treatment was a huge success, so I decided to see if it would help with my overall health. I began monthly private sessions with Lisa about 3 years ago and haven’t stopped since. As a matter of fact, my husband and I both started going to her weekly therapeutic yoga classes as well and our quality of life has been increased both physically and mentally. I am beyond grateful for the roll that Lisa has played in helping to improve my health so that I am able to enjoy life in ways that I couldn’t have before.” Lenay


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“Lisa helps me break away the layers and find my true essence. I’ve attended yoga classes and workshops over many years with Lisa and always feel refreshed and balanced. Her energy work is amazing and I’ve had many epiphanies and life shifts with her help. Lisa is truly and amazing healer and helping me find my path in life.”- Tracy

Therapeutic Yoga

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Schedule FREE 15 minute phone consult and find out if my services could be useful for your personal needs. 707 721 6988

Here’s what people are saying:

“I found Lisa’s energy and touch transcending in a lasting way; part instantly healing and part continuing to unfold even now. I received both what was looking for, what I needed, and some surprise unfoldings, inviting me further along my own path. I recommend Lisa’s energy practice without hesitation and plan to return for more.”- Christine

“My sessions with Lisa have given me the clarity I need to move forward on my personal journey. She is supportive and wise and her work has cleared a path in my life, allowing me to live from my heart, align with my purpose and be open to a life that is more relaxing, abundant and filled with gratitude. I am thankful to have Lisa in my life”.-Sarah

“Thank you so much for the amazing treatment you did for my back. I was literally bed ridden! The spasms stopped completely after our session.” Leigh
“I have been seeing Lisa for private sessions for several years now, and I look forward to every visit. Not only is she a joy to be around, but her gifted, healing touch has changed my life. I always leave feeling grounded, centered, relaxed and pain free. She has truly been a blessing.”-Kristin
Lisa’s sessions always bring me a sense of peace and joy, and I can feel the healing flow happening as you work. She always does just the right thing to help me relax and let this healing energy in. I always leave feeling better and that’s why I love to come.
-Sue, X ray technician

Arroyo Grande, CA @ BranchMill Organics
Privacy of your own home
Serving the Central Coast and the greater Bay Area
Phone or Skype available

$110 per 60 minutes
$125 per 90 minutes


packages of 4, 8, and 12 offered at a signifcant savings.

“I can show you how to access the healer within,
the healer that is already there,
just waiting to be uncovered…”



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Lisa Marie / Prema / ERYT, CST



What others are saying:

“You create a loving and supportive space. So grateful for you, your wisdom, guidance, and inspiration!”
Carolyn, mother

“I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s Yin-ergetics class – a quiet reprieve, moving into deeper parts of myself, releasing restrictions through Lisa’s gentle yet powerful guidance. Lisa makes it safe and welcoming to delve into the Yin and really be soft with ourselves. She is so accessible, human, compassionate and loving – exactly what is
needed to explore the inner realm. Thank you Lisa!”
Dr. Zoe Wells, Naturopath

“Lisa has worked with The Jacqualyn Palchak Cancer Fund to provide education and yoga healing classes for cancer patients within the local community. We are grateful to her for helping the Cancer Fund provide these patient services.”
Marie Palchak, Cancer Clinic Founder

She has the ability to transmit and share her gifts through the phone, skype, or in person. She offers an alternative and effective and fast way to living a healthy life.”
Bronya Graydon, Business Owner

“Your session was so powerful and transforming for me. I cannot thank you enough and can’t wait to work again together. I plan to write a short review of my experience with you if you would like to use it for business or just have for personal use. You helped me see that I am safe in the world and to TRUST.”
Casey Moss, Marketing and Sales


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